Due to changes which have occured following the meeting meeting between the Apple Farmers' of Nova Scotia and AgraPoint, Orchard Outlook will now be published and distributed by AgriPoint. AgraPoint will produce the final product and put it on their website, as well as distribute it by email.

To have your email address added to the list, please contact AgraPoint:

PHONE: 1-866-606-4636 (toll-free in Nova Scotia) or 902-896-0277
FAX: 1-866-222-6609 (toll free in Nova Scotia) or 902-896-7299
E-mail: info@agrapoint.ca
Kentville Office: 902-678-7722

Apple Leaves
Orchard Newsletter

2007 Subscription Form

Dear Apple Farmer,

As a result of a meeting between the Apple Farmers' of Nova Scotia and AgraPoint, the Apple Farmers of Nova Scotia will now be publishing a newsletter to be known as "Apple Leaves"  It will be the same content that is used to prepare the Orchard Outlook which is published by the NSFGA. AgraPoint will forward the same meeting report to the Apple Farmers' of Nova Scotia, who in turn will edit and format it, and send it to members.

If you are interested in receiving this weekly (during the growing season) newsletter, please complete this form and return by mail, with funds if necessary, to the Apple Farmers' Association of Nova Scotia. If you prefer the email version, you can email your contact information to AFANS.

Please indicate the method you wish to receive the newsletter:

- email = no charge  Email Address: _________________________
- fax service = $15.00 Fax Number: _______________
- mail = $35.00

Address:    _________________________

Please return form, and payment if required, to:

Apple Farmers' Association of Nova Scotia
2380 Harmony Road
Aylesford  NS   B0P 1C0

For email subscriptions, a message can be sent to:

grow at applefarmersofns.ca

please include "subscribe apple leaves" in the subject of the message

March 2007